Game “Triangle solitare”


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This montessori toy is aimed to develop logical thinking as well as entertain.

For whom?
✧A brilliant gift for children from 6 years of age and up, up we go!

And what do we do with this?
✧It’s a strategic game for one player:
Task is to take almost all balls from the base, like in checkers, and complete the game with one ball on the field. This game that improves the small motility of fingers, trains patience, promotes strategic thinking. The task seems quite simple, but it requires special effort to achieve it.

By learning to play this game, it’s possible to complicate the task – before you start the game, you can determine where the last ball will be in the end of the game.

What does the game consists of?
✧ local reclaimed latvian ash tree wood base18cm diameter. Covered with oil safe-guarding it
✧ 15 metalnballs.

Games results
✧1 ball left – Hooray! You are the smartest person in the world!
✧2 balls left – Great! Almost perfect result!
✧3 balls left – Try again, I believe you can!
✧4 balls left – Don’t stop training, you’ll meet!
✧5 balls left – I have nothing to say. Train more!

Made in Latvia.

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