Strategy game “Pyramid”


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For whom?
✧”Pyramid” is atractive game for 2 players. This is a game that plays on more than one level does challange the smarts!
✧This game is enjoyable and thoughtful gift for wide range of ages. Designed for children from 8 years of age as great kids puzzle and up we go! Can be using as family game.. helping us bond.

What’s the point?
✧Expanding dimensions of thought it’s training analytical and strategic thinking, learning to plan several steps ahead and anticipate opponent’s moves.

How to play?
✧This board games task is to stack all the balls in the pyramid. Winner’s the one who puts his ball at the top of the pyramid. In these learning toys there are several types of strokes that prolong the game and make an unpredictable outcome of the game.

Tender design that pleases the eye and touch at the same time serving as a great entertainment “Pyramid” brings opportunity to spend a lot of time together with friends! Making this fun games purpose is to educate and bond. A fine embodiment of gift.

What does this set contain?
✧Base board- made from local Latvian ash tree the of reclaimed wood. In the final touch we used all-natural linseed oil
18 x 18cm
✧wooden balls- water based color. 15:15 Black’n’white
1,8cm diameter
The safeguarding of the product we entrust in cardboard box. Holding all the pieces together.

Made in Latvia.

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Each wooden product`s texture is different and may differ from the textures in the images.

Have a wonderful day

SolidWoodGifts family 🙂

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