Mathematical learning game “MathChain”


Well, on what are we going to play?

Asked a respected academic scientist at the Academy of Sciences, seeing this game …

Why not?

You can not play card games in schools to reduce the desire to slip each slab in the deepest corner of the school cellar and use your smart device to no avail …

No, mathematics … It’s hard, it’s complicated, I do not understand anything !!!

And that is true, because the one who is taught in school  as it is taught, is not created for all, also the way how is taught. Lot of students act that they understad idea of math, but they are not…

Well then, nothing else is left to try to teach the same much simpler but more understandable. To teach mathematically thinking, and to do this, but there is not much need, just numbers, some signs and many, many, many brain cells.


Children from the age of 8 are to be used as a training material in mathematics. In turn, from 12 years old – a board game for 2-4 players for the development of mathematical thinking. Certain numerical actions will help train your thinking speed, efficiency, and help you understand mathematical processes.


Game set:

Task Cards – numbers from 10-50

Process cards – numbers from 1 to 6 (4 sets)

Action Cards – Mathematical Actions (4 sets)


Packed in nice cardboard box.

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