Developing brain game “Color logics” or Mastermind

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Mind and comunity liberating natural toy.

For whom?
✧Game for 2 players. Suitable for children from 6 years of age.

What’s the physical skeleton of this game?
✧base of the game
✧ Figures:
yellow – 10 pcs.
red – 10 pcs.
blue – 10 pcs.
green – 10 pcs.
black – 30 pcs.
white – 30 pcs.

The safeguarding of the product we entrust in cardboard box. Holding all the pieces together.

What’s the purpose of this game?
✧Find out: What colors your opponent hided?

You can think or figure out, because the other player will help you a bit. Out of 6 color figures (white, black, red, green, yellow, blue) under the cover the other player hides 4 different colors that should not be repeated.

On the first walk, you guess 4 colors by placing the figures in the holes in the first row that farthest from the cap. The second player (the one who has hidden the colors) will help you by showing whether the colors you have chosen are selected – with the black figures at the end of the row, showing that the color is correct, but in the wrong place, by showing the white color that the color is correct, in the right place . When evaluating the situation, you get the next row with 4 colors. So this game continues until the correct colors and correct order are guessed.

To solve the puzzle you have 9 strokes.

Good luck!

What is it made of?

✧ Reclaimed local ash wood. Maintenance of product is guaranteed by finishing touch of an all-natural linseed oil protecting wood from wet at the same time endow it with juicy colour

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