Adam and Eve and the trees….

Everyone knows the old story of a girl who gave a guy an apple … and the whole world changed. The girl was called Eve and the boy was Adam. Theologians, philosophers, historians, sociologists broke their heads, whether Eve seduced, or yet Adam demanded, because as public opinion changed, the way in which events changed, but one thing was clear was apple. Well, historians wonder that it would be more appropriate – pomegranate, but still fruit (both apples and pomegranates grow in trees). So, following the logic of Sherlock Holmes, there were trees and then everything else. Let’s leave the relationship between Eve and Adam to break up the chauvinists and sexists by finding out who.

But the trees were first, but the rest after …

We are about trees, using them as rationally and efficiently as possible!


We are asked from time to time:

Do you use FSC certified wood?

Our answer is NO (you can read more about what a beast is FSC certified and what it eats in winter here

But that does not mean that we are throwing an ax at each of the first trees we see in the forest, so that only at its foot does not a new Eve meet Adam. We don’t hunt beasts out of the woods just to prove that these 10 hectares are capable of clear felling just to get the coveted tree.

We don’t have to do that !!!

We buy woodworking remnants – carvings from wood used for parquet and furniture production.

We use JSC Latvijas Finieris veneer scraps left over from “big” customer orders and are proud to turn “firewood” into products with OUR value added.

We buy trees (ash, oak) from homeowners who have cut down an alley planted by their ancestors without even suspecting the existence of such an FSC certificate. It is important to note that wood buyers avoid purchasing such wood as it involves high risk of damaging expensive sawing and planing equipment, as the backyard trees planted during the first period of Latvian independence contain the evidence of World War II – chips, bullets and other metal scraps. .

It is our attitude to use what our nature has given us and strive to find the best possible use for it.

Thank you to everyone who entrusts us with their materials as we turn them into products that will please you.

However, the tree was first and foremost its existence created the world as we know it. Whether others quarreled or Eve herself or Adam was a pig, but eventually the fetus grew somewhere. It grew in WOOD.

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