What materials do you use for your products?

We are patriotic – we mostly make our products from trees grown in Latvia – oak and ash. In the production of card holders, we use wood wastes of precious wood that have been saved from destruction. That’s why they sometimes also have exotic noble trees like bubinga and walnut, etc.


Is it possible to personalize the products?

Yes, we offer this option. Personalization is possible through laser engraving. If you are interested in personalization, email us at elina@solidwoodgifts.com or call 29675034.


Do you offer gift packages?

We pack our products in cardboard boxes that are aesthetically appealing and serve as a good pack and can serve as a gift pack.


Are games and toys safe for children?

All games and toys have CE certifications that testify to being safe for children.


Are wood products treated somehow to protect them from environmental impact?

We treat our products with refined oil (which is certified and safe to handle toys) that protects it and makes it more visually appealing. WARNING! Because the products are oiled, they can leave oily patches on paper or cardboard.


Is it possible to buy your products in wholesale?

Yes, we offer the opportunity to buy more of our products. For more information, see HERE


Are there accompanying instructions for games?

Yes, there are game instructions attached to each package, and you can download them here

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