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“Banana” developing puzzle

Zane – We have both things – this and Alfred’s puzzle. Children like playing with both things together. Bananas would also be required to be oiled, will be more pleasant to the touch. But without it, things are very good. We like.

Dace – Beautiful idea! In our home we like this toy.


Table calendar

Zaiga – Like it very much. It has already entered the daily ritual to move the calendar.

Maruta – I gave to my husband in Christmas. After unpacking, we realized it was a gift to our 6-year-old daughter, who is still on a daily basis morning in the kitchen trying to put the right date. My husband’s office was forced to buy another calendar.


15 Game

Asnate – My Childhood Game. Positive, made of wood. My grandchildren love it.

Grandfather gave it to her granddaughter on her 7 birthday. For now she put it on time. The little sister learns numbers. Very cool, useful. Everyone’s pleasure!


Oak tree business card case

Juris – From the beginning I was very careful not to break, until I sat down on it :)But case is unbrakable- here is what the real Latvian oak means!

Voldemars – One of my favorite corporate gifts when traveling abroad because something has been taken from Latvia, solid enough and easy to pick up on the plane.

Aivars – I work in a waste management company, I use my case every day.

At a meeting with my colleague, I am proud to say that we are working at 10% more than others, showing it with an exceptionally beautiful, branched suit.

Igor – The conference guests were very positively surprised by the gift they received – we presented a sample with our loyalty card sample and business card. At the next meeting in another country, there was a sporting interest in watching how many of her colleagues still used it, especially without asking for a count of 8. (a total of 60 cases were served). I think this is a very good result.



Oak Business Cards With Engraving “Latvian Power Signs”

Anna – Very beautiful and quality thing. A good idea for a gift!


Gentleman’s Set

Eve – Thanks for the great set. I gave her to her husband, he really likes it.


Volume puzzle “Hacking puzzle”

Army – A very good game !! Looks simple, but have something to think about!

Osis – This property actually rolls. Looks elementary, but when the adrenaline is present guaranteed. I give job interviews with new employees. Glad to look like fighting. : D

Juris, Evita – Super, a game. I started both as a gift and as a play. Excited. Recommend!!!

Zane – Super! Put a head on and not give up, and the feeling of satisfaction and joy when you finally close it: D with the first time-15min 🙂

Ievux – Hard but exciting! At first we fought, we ourselves, now we give our guests! Thanks: 🙂

Iveta B – Fantastic game! Take the whole family! Best result for dad 12 minutes 🙂

Aija and Karlis – Thank you for an unforgettable wedding gift – this was a great challenge for the groom because he had to know where he was, this time in 15 ways 🙂

Iveta P – After the man had folded the litter in 12 minutes he could not believe that there were 7567560 combinations theoretically possible. The mathematical task was harassed by all the acquaintances, until the neighbor of the 2nd floor, the professor of mathematics, confirmed that they were indeed 7567560 combinations.


Wooden Nostalgia Earrings

Aija – Great earrings !!! Thanks! I like 🙂


Wooden puzzle “Alfred Strongmen and His Brothers”

Aija Ozoliņa – I am glad that this toy has come into our family. Children like it very much, they use it in various ways, and build pyramids, towers, asymmetric stacks. The figures are easy to paint, so each of them has got individual features 🙂 Thanks!

Agnese – These Alfreds can be used as dominoes that fall down one after the other. Very exciting and cool, that they are stable until they are arranged in line or twists!

Jānis “Lielvārde” – Alfreds are good! 😉 Today we tested with students from Kandava! :)) Thank you for the fein product!

Anda – Many thanks for your ingenuity! At first I did not believe that the child was enthusiastic, but as well as the older ones …… I do not regret buying it!

Solveiga V. – Alfred and a group of brothers and sisters came to our home thanks to the omit. Last Christmas she bought them at Dome Square Market, where she was charmed by a charming wooden craftsman. 🙂 At first, I was very skeptical about what can be done with such wooden people. But the thoughts changed when my activist, 3-year-old, played in the evening, for several hours. It was even hard to put the baby to sleep. In the morning, the play continued. 3 months have passed and the property is still relevant to the child’s play. And a wider application is found. I am pleasantly surprised and delighted with such a simple but cool property.

Elina K – Alfred and her brothers arrived in our home almost 2 years ago and are still being used in games and games. The figures are painted, each has its own individual features, but still as functional. Thanks for the great product! Good luck in the future!

Anda – For the first time, we got to know Alfreds in the center of Ziino. The children even returned several times to play. We thought to ourselves that it was a good game. As it happens with good thoughts – we quickly forgot. J Then, at the city celebration, the children saw the Alfreds, of course, that we bought – so remembering last year’s visit to Zin and spending the evenings on joint construction projects.

Iveta – One day wooden men appeared in the kitchen of our office, then we make something independently by making coffee. When his colleague’s youngest 4-year-old son came to visit he quickly showed who is the guru of creativity. Then we also realized that Alfred is a children’s mantle, although we still have coffee breaks unimaginable without the pyramid stacking.

Anda – At first I was very skeptical when the husband brought the Alfreds, because his former gifts to our daughter were very controversial – the brightest example – drone 🙂 Currently Alfreds are in our home for 2 years and it is a real pleasure to see how such a simple toy can even for several hours to employ both children and parents.

Inga – they can be stacked both in the pyramid and on the side, and build the Pisa Tower – a really exciting puzzle.

Zanux – Alfreds was given to my son for 1 year birthday. I was mildly puzzled, as then the one-year-old who would play with it would be based in such a mouth. But then we discovered a great mom-son game. Mom builds a high tower of the Alfred or a pyramid and puts it down. Fun guaranteed !!! Occasionally, we arrange a race for the tallest construction. I like!!!

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