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The Solid Wood Gifts team consists of the family tandem Elina and Karlis, as well as 2 game testers Haralds and Ernests. We are united by many ideas, the search for creative solutions and the great love for Latvia’s “green gold” – the tree. And, of course, against each other 🙂 But it’s not a story. The story of Solid Wood Gifts begun us six years ago, with Elina’s sacred phrase “Stop playing once, but make something usefull …” So the material engineer turned to the material that he hadn’t worked on – and gradually developed his experience in woodworking , began to create different things from wood. Now we can be proud of our accomplishments at this time. Our products – wooden accessories, jewelry, games and toys – have taken on a thosands of copies and have made their users happy all over the world. In our products, we use a lot of wood that is discarded to make things as furniture and parquet. We are pleased that qualitative board cuts do not go into the furnace, but turn into beautiful things – cases, accessories and other products. We are grateful to our prospective clients who have believed in us and have given us the opportunity to prove that what we do is done from the heart, qualitatively and within the set deadlines. The last point we are able to follow is thanks to Karlis great previous experience in optimizing production processes. It is also often surprising customers, allowing them to laugh together, that the actual order term is 3 weeks later 🙂 We are proud to be able to break the stereotypes of Latvian craftsmen, that we can execute the order on a large scale, at reasonable prices and in real terms.

The toys we produce are distinguished by unusual solutions, good quality and reasonable prices. We want to show that in the 21st century. When everything is determined by modern technology, children should be given the opportunity to play with real things by training both attention, patience and thinking. Children should be given the opportunity to create, fantasize and experiment, as it will help them become better, happier and more creative adults. So a short summary can produce a lot of the same original things, our prices are not cosmic and orders do not “drop” – we make them in time 🙂


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